Report from the Field: from Dwarf Goats to Nannyberries at Capsand Creamery

We hosted our fall farm tour at Capsand Creamery in South Hero this fall. Capsand Creamy is a micro-farm, with a herd of about 15 Nigerian dwarf goats that owner and farmer Christine Macmillan breeds, names, raises and milks. In addition to feeding her family milk and cheese, she makes goat milk caramels and fudge, goat milk soap, and creamy goat milk lotion. She sells these products at the Champlain Islands Farmers' Market, and also by pre-order from the farm.  She and her family also grow a large garden, care for fruit trees and shrubs, and even make acorn flour from wild harvested acorns! 

We enjoyed the chance to check out Christine's homestead, visit with the goats, and taste some nannyberries- a scrumptios treat made of goat milk caramel dipped in chocolate with various nuts and other additions- yum! 

Christine blogs HERE, and can be reached about ordering  at